Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Official, Mason County High School is Going 1:1 with iPads

Last week I wrote about rumors that Mason County High School students will all be getting iPads to use.  It was reported in the local newspaper that the School Board approved this plan

The total cost to the school system will be $850,000, spread over 4 years.  The iPads will be leased to the school district by Apple.  It was reported that the iPads will save the high school money over the long run due to savings in textbooks.  I'll believe that part when I see it.  However, I have no problem with the extra expenses if it promotes student learning.

In the end, this may not change very much for student learning.  Dan Meyer has looked at iBook offerings from Pearson and McGraw-Hill on his blog, and reports that there is little real change in the textbooks. 

If the teachers at Mason County can get beyond the old habits, this could be a great opportunity.

On a personal note, the students are getting iPad 2's, not iPad HD's.  I won't have to worry about iPad envy when they start showing up in my class.