Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Teaching New Year's Resolutions

It's a new year, and the new semester starts for us on January 9th.  Here are a few goals for this semester related to my teaching.

  1. Improve my teaching in developmental courses.  I have an abysmal record for teaching developmental courses, and I am teach more sections this semester.  The main problem I seem to have is assuming that students are aware of how to be successful in college coursework.  I am going to work on ways to get around a "sink or swim" attitude.
  2. Implement a standards based assessment in Trigonometry.  I am the only faculty who teaches trigonometry, so that means I can experiment a little with the course.  As a department, we like to keep the courses we teach in common as uniform as possible.  I am planning on using the KCTCS course competencies for MAT 155 as a foundation for standards based assessment in Trigonometry.  I would like to use this in all of our developmental classes in the future, but I want to pilot in a course where I have control.
  3. More projects in Liberal Arts Mathematics.  I am teaching it in a slightly different format with our teleconferencing system to remote campuses.  I am planning on using two days a week to cover a few core topics, and then having the students do projects for the rest of the material, with them making choices on what topics to use.  I have no idea of what projects I will have them do.  However, I am getting used to building airplanes as I fly them.
  4. Write exactly one blog post each week.  I have not done very good with updating this blog, so I will make an effort to do so.  With one post per week, I can come up with better topics to discuss.
I have other goals for the year, but they are not related to the blog.  They are the usual: lose weight, clean the house, get more sleep.