Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Video: Rational Expressions Introduction

This is a video I made for our Intermediate Algebra course at MCTC.  We've been making videos covering material from the algebra sequence, and this year we are adding rational expressions to our intermediate algebra class.  Thus, we need new videos.

I'm going to put the future videos on hold for the moment because we need some prealgebra videos.  So, the next few videos will be on ratios and proportions.

I had a hard time thinking of a good example of rational expressions that was not full of pseudocontext.  Rational expressions is the area of algebra that has the most contrived word problems.  That is the reason that we haven't covered them in the past.  Please suggest some useful examples if you have any.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pearson MyMathLab Problems

Our students had to use temporary codes at the start of the semester and then they upgraded their licenses to full licenses when their textbooks came in.  This week, the students who upgraded have lost their access.  We have to contact customer support for each student.

Is anyone else having this problem with their students who use temporary codes for MyMathLab?