Saturday, April 23, 2011

I have an iPad. So, now what?

I got an iPad from the college yesterday. I'm still trying to figure it out. I've found that it works well for viewing media and is OK for surfing the web. However, I still find it lacking in a few areas.

It does not have have some of the tools that I used on my Palm Tungsten E2. There is not a built-in todo list. There is not an SD card reader, so syncing with iTunes is the only way to get data onto the iPad. The on-screen keyboard is easier than my Palm, but still not as good as a real keyboard. I miss the ability to right-click with my mouse.

The battery life of the iPad is good. I've been on it now for a few hours and still have 69% of the battery left. The media playing is exceptional.

I've been able to get some apps for playing around, but not many for work. The NASA app has some stunning pictures, and the Weather Channel app was good for tracking the tornado warning back home. (I am in Cincinnati for Easter.) I haven't found any apps that will help with my teaching. I was really hoping to use the iPad to help with course management.

I'm still on the fence whether this will help me be a better teacher. I'll keep updating my progress.