Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Video: Plurality Method

This is the first video on the first voting method for my Liberal Art Mathematics class. 

I am hoping to get at least one video done each day.  The challenge will be to continue this pace after spring break.

For this video, I got better audio because I figured out that I had to select the recording device in Camtasia.  The last video used the microphone built into my laptop, even thought it was not the default recording device.  This video finally uses my Logitech microphone.  I was holding it too close to my mouth, and I have a few percussive P's.

I bought my Logitech microphone used GameStop for $10.  It is for the video game Rock Band, but it also works on a PC.  The audio is nice, but it still smells like what I hope it tobacco.