Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Timely Word Problem

I was talking about word problems and percents in my Intermediate Algebra class, and I came across this slide.  These notes are three years old.  (I found an old version.)
One slide from today's class
The timeliness of the problem relates to the protests in Madison, WI and other states over the collective bargaining rights of the government employees.  The fate of public employee unions in Ohio is much more relevant to me, as my wife teaches in Ohio.  I am a member of the AFT, and have been since I was in graduate school in Milwaukee, WI.

I usually don't like to discuss politics, but I think that Gov. Scott Walker has grossly misread the mood of Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is a very pro-union state, and attacking the unions will not win as much political support as it would in other states.  Unfortunately, the debate about balancing budgets (which I fully support) has been about scoring political points by going after the small programs supported by the opposite party.  Unfortunately, the real discussion of how to live within our collective means has yet to begin.