Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teaching Checklist #1: In the Classroom

I've been thinking about checklists, and as it is the end of the week, I don't have enough energy to do real work.  So here is a checklist that I developed for use inside of the classroom.  The PDF version is here.  The Microsoft Publisher 2010 version is here.

I followed the checklist making checklist from The Checklist Manifesto.  The last part of the checklist is to validate the list that I just wrote.  I'll be testing it in my classes next week.

The main focus of the checklist is communicating with the students about the details of the course.  I find that I like to charge ahead with the course material, and I forget about reviewing and giving the feedback that the students need.  Another teacher may need a different set of checks.

This is designed for a face-to-face classes.  I do not teach on-line, so I wouldn't be able to develop a checklist for on-line classes.  We are working on developing computer mediated sections of our developmental classes, so I will be making one for those classes soon.