Monday, November 8, 2010

AMATYC Student Math League - Round 1

Maysville Community and Technical College participated in the Student Math League organized by AMATYC.  This semester, we had 19 students participate.  That is a record by a factor of two.  Our team score was 60 points, another record.  Our top scorer was a high school student in my Calculus II class.  He managed 18.5 points out of 40.  That is another record.

I'm pleased with this year's turn out.  In 2007, my first year, we managed a total of 6.5 team points for both rounds.  That tied for last place in the nation for schools with positive scores.  I would have been less humiliated if we had just scored 0 for the year.

I'm hoping that we will beat one of the other KCTCS schools this year.  Watch out, Madisonville.

Thank you to Susan Strickland for organizing the SML.  I promise to get my results in on time this year.

Update:  It looks like MCTC is the only KCTCS college in the SML competition this year.  We win!!!!!!!