Sunday, November 14, 2010

AMATYC Boston Day 3

It was my third and final day in Boston.  The conference runs until tomorrow morning, but we usually have to leave early.

Awards Breakfast

The awards breakfast was the only event that I attended today.  The winners of the Student Math League were announced.  Los Angeles City College won the team competition this year.  Congratulations to them.

The keynote address was Infinity Bottles of Beer on the Wall by Lew Lefton.  He told mathematical jokes for forty minutes or so.  I was laughing too hard to keep track of time.  I had heard some of the jokes before.  I wrote one down because it relates to the pseudocontext that we've been talking about.
If you put six white balls and nine black balls in a bag and draw five of them out, then there is a 85% chance you are in a word problem.
After the awards breakfast, I went souvenir shopping and checked out of the hotel.


I'm home now, and my head is swimming.  I've absorbed a lot of information, and I need to distill it.  My ears are still plugged from the flight.