Saturday, November 6, 2010

ACT Prep (part 3)

I lead my ACT prep class this morning at Bracken County High School.  It was weird to teach in a high school.  I've taught high school students before, but the classes were at the college.  I was on their home field.  To add to the pressure, there was one of the high school teachers observing me.  The high school is going to be holding ACT Prep classes after school.

It went better today than before.  I think that holding the session in the morning helped.  Usually we have the sessions at night on weekdays and the students are tired after a day of school.  I changed my methods a bit, and actually reviewed the topics like I was teaching them.  The students were more engaged.

I followed the same format as before.  I gave a fifteen minute presentation on the format of the test and a few test taking hints.  Then, I let the students take a practice test for twenty minutes.  Finally, we reviewed the questions for the rest of the two hours.

If you are interested, my prepared notes can be downloaded here.  The handwritten notes during the review are here.